Kaiwen Xue, Kevin

Ex MSCS @ CMU (He/him)

Email: kaiwenx@andrew.cmu.edu (Please use this to send calendar invites.)

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My preferred name is Kevin.

I am was a(n) Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS) student at Carnegie Mellon University. I currently work with Prof. Dimitrios Skarlatos. I am interested in operating systems and computer architecture.

In summer 2023, I worked at Rivos Inc. as a member of technical staff (software) intern in Mountain View, California.

I have two undergraduate alma maters, Columbia University and City University of Hong Kong, made possible by the joint degree program.

  1. Contiguitas: The Pursuit of Physical Memory Contiguity in Datacenters
    Kaiyang Zhao, Kaiwen Xue, Ziqi Wang, Dan Schatzberg, Leon Yang, Antonis Manousis, Johannes Weiner, Rik van Riel, Bikash Sharma, Chunqiang Tang, and Dimitrios Skarlatos, Proceedings of the 50th Annual International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA 2023), Orlando, FL, June 2023. Best Paper Award.

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